Personal Development

From the moment of birth throughout our lives, we are all in the process of personal development. While methods may vary, the journey of self-awareness—learning the source of one’s beliefs, behaviors, habits, gifts, and strengths—encompasses the primary goal of achieving one’s potential, increasing ones overall well-being and the desire to live a fulfilling life.

My offering is cultivated using my gifts and skills to provide guidance and create ease throughout the journey of personal development. Each session includes breathwork, an intuitive reading & reiki. Each session is customized to fit each individuals needs and preferences at the time of the appointment.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an intentional practice, using techniques to channel the breath to increase awareness, balance energy, reduce stress, improve concentration, and support overall health.

 What is an Intuitive Card Reading?

In an intuitive card reading, I am able to tune in to your energetic frequency through the use of various cards. This allows me to connect with the state of your conscious and unconscious thought patterns and behaviors that may lead to confusion or unwanted outcomes in life. Although intuitive card readings are stereotypically thought to be predictive in nature, this is not my offering, as the future is interchangeable depending on one’s own actions and consequences. My focus is to assist you in creating clarity and provide you with information on where work can be done to direct your intention and energy toward creating the life you desire.

What is Reiki?

Rei means universal spirit, Ki is the universal life force; together it is a frequency of universal intelligence that brings health and harmony to all beings.

Reiki is the original channeled energy healing. It focuses on bringing equilibrium to the body, making it beneficial to any situation or ailment. It is complimentary to traditional and modern medical practices. Reiki will be provided at distance, during the time of session.

How to prepare for a session?

● Make sure you have uninterrupted time and space.
● Bring something to take notes.
● Be clear on what your intention for the reading is.

Please read before booking!

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