Jacquelyn aka SynaQi - Healing Artist, Full Spectrum Doula, Early Childhood Advocate, & Energy Healing Practitioner

My affinity for knowledge of self started in 2014. Seeking a deeper understanding of myself and life, the first insight I gained was the profound impact of one’s childhood on adulthood. As I followed my intuition to unravel life’s mysteries, I started to question my own: How did I get here? What is my purpose in being born? Why am I experiencing life in this way? I began to look back into my birth, childhood and adolescence to figure out how they led to my present circumstances and challenges. This awakening ignited my thought process: How different would my life be if I had been empowered from birth, rather than imprinted by the lack of awareness in my environment?

As I unraveled the moments that defined me, I also discovered my enduring passions: my love of art, my love for babies, and my love for helping others. I chose to honor these loves.

The UltraViolet House is an intentional work of art, a labor of love, a space created from a culmination of my deepest inspirations, and a reflection of the things I’ve collected on my journey toward self-awareness.

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