Birth & Beyond

Full Spectrum Doula Support

The birth of a soul is one of the most transformative times of life. Here, you can find holistic guidance throughout each step.

Intentional Birth Support

Services Includes:

  • 2 Prenatal sessions covering birth preferences, intentions, coping techniques, and how to establish mind body baby connection.
  • Emotional Support and calming presence at bedside presence throughout birth experience.
  • Hands-on comfort measures (With the option of reiki & breath work techniques.)
  • Assistance with self-advocacy and navigating the medical system
  • 24/7 On-Call Service 2 weeks prior, 2 weeks after estimated due date, and ongoing support via email, phone, and text as needed.
  • 3 hours Postpartum Visit to establish Postpartum Recovery Care and Initial Lactation Support

Intentional Postpartum Support

Services Include:

4 hour Daytime Postpartum Visits for:

  • Setting Postpartum intentions
  • Initial support with recovery
  • Assistance with initiating feeding
  • Instruction on baby care and soothing techniques
  • Continuous emotional support
  • Guidance in long term Postpartum Self-care

And/Or Overnight Support: 8-10hr visits to assist parents in getting adequate rest during early postpartum.

    Mindful Termination

    Services Include:

    • Guidance on the termination process.
    • Ongoing emotional support during each step of termination process.
    • Post procedure guidance for family planning/ birth control.
    • Ongoing Holistic Support for 4 weeks post procedure.

    Optional: Energy healing modalities.

    (This service is free providing necessary time is available in the schedule. Optional healing modalities can be provided at a cost)

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